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Another member graciously sent this to me but as it turns out, it won’t work with my model GPS unit, and Garmin apparently doesn’t support it anymore.
As such, if anyone has any of the below compatible gps units and wants to give this a shot, I’ll send it to you (you pay shipping) - just pm me your address.

dezl 560LMT
dēzl 570LMT
dezl 760LMT
dēzl 770LMTHD
dēzlCam LMTHD
Garmin fleet 590
Garmin Mechanic
nüLink! 1690 LIVE
nüLink! 1695 LIVE
nüvi 1260T
nüvi 1370T
nüvi 1390LMT
nuvi 1390T
nüvi 1490LMT
nüvi 1490T
nüvi 2360LMT
nüvi 2360LT
nuvi 2370LT
nuvi 2460LMT
nüvi 2460LT
nüvi 2475LT
nüvi 2495LMT
nüvi 2497LMT
nüvi 2559LMT
nüvi 2577LT
nüvi 2589LMT
nüvi 2595LMT
nüvi 2597LMT
nüvi 2598LMTHD
nüvi 2599LMTHD
nüvi 2689LMT
nüvi 2699LMTHD
nüvi 2789LMT
nüvi 2797LMT
nüvi 2798LMT with Backup Camera
nüvi 3490LMT
nüvi 3590LMT
nüvi 3597LMTHD
nuvi 3760LMT
nuvi 3760T
nuvi 3790LMT
nuvi 3790T
nuvi 465T
nüviCam LMTHD
RV 760LMT with Wireless Backup Camera

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