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Stay with OEM set up

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I wonder how many Ridgeline owners upsized from their original size and now regretting it?
My first Ridgeline was a 2017 with the LE2’s
People on the forum just kept ragging on the OEM Firestone LE2’s, it helped me rationalize what I was itching to do.

So I retired them at 30k with the original rims.
I bought 18 X 9 Ronal with continental DWS 255-55 18’s 35mm offset.

Fast forward
traded in the Ridgeline, with the original wheels and tires that I had saved.

Now I still have the 18 X9 Ronal setup with the aftermarket TPM and continental tires.

I now own a 2022 Black Edition in white for over a year & 25k miles on the original tires.

Was thinking about taking off the original tires & rims to install the 18X9 Ronal’s with new rubber 255 60 18.

But the way gas prices are going maybe I should wait until I wear out the original tires?
The truth is the OEM’s have been great.

I disagree with some of the other members that still rag on the LE2’s .

They are a good compromise for gas mileage, traction, ride quality, noise and handling.
The aftermarket set up looks better and handling was improved but gas mileage and ride suffered.

Now older and hopefully wiser, my thoughts as follows.
1.The Ridgeline in my opinion looks better with beefier tires
2. Changing tires, brand , size , type only changes the balance between gas mileage, ride quality, traction and noise.
3. The Ridgeline is all about doing everything very well. It’s not a Rubicon or a tow monster.

The Ridgeline is the perfect balance of everything I need it for the Swiss Army knife SUV/ Pickup truck / Car.
That being said why change the dynamics the engineers tuned in ?

Someone help me rationalize throwing on some beefier Rubber.

Being Rational is not so much fun and I feel like I am getting old help !

Sorry for the long post !
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New tires always ride and drive better than worn tires. Switching tires to another model, may or may not change the performance profile depending on what you want to achieve. The oem rubber was carefully selected and should be a reliable choice for oem performance.

If you have a specific goal, with research you may be able to select a tire that improves over oem. However it will almost always cost you in some other attribute. MPG is typically one of the first sacrifices in the name of “other” types of tire performance.

Coming from a Taco with 32.5” bfg tires, I certainly appreciate big tires. However the 15mpg was the down side. Currently I am seeing 22mpg with my new RL. I have no plans to f that up anytime soon.

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This assumes the engineers have the final say in the product presented to the public. They do not and a common place to cut costs is tires.
You are correct, it is ALWAYS the bean counters who have the final say.
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