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gefilte fish attachment

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The first person to reply to this post with the correct answer wins 5 oil filters and 5 drain plug washers (shipped anywhere within the 50 States).

How many pages are there to the Ridgeline in-bed-trunk divider instructions at:

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yes, I know this has nothing to do with fish of any sort (unless you use the dividers to store them I guess).
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two pages...............
tedridge said:
two pages...............[/QUOTE

1 of 1 ...................

We have a winner. Grok PM me with name and address for shipping.

Hah! Finally, my lucky day - right after I got back from an oil change at the dealer.
You tease. We don't really get any fish? :p
The lobster got the fish :)
*paranoid* I actually HAVE a gefilte fish on my CR-V!
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