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I went to and entered
Here is an edited part of the page. This is the sidebar.

Honda Ridgeline Playa C-L-to-tha-izzub Logo Decals Available! T-Shirt Orda Gang Bangin' Soon cuz its a G thang!

We is stoked ta be chillin' our bootylicious club logo ta you as a quality, die-cut vinyl decal . Slap your mutha ##$$## self. These is sell'n quickly n is now being seen on tha bizzle of Honda Ridgelizzles all over tha US n Canada . Snoop heffner mixed with a little bit of doggy flint. To place yo hustla visit our current ROC Merch Pizzy .

Also, by popular demand, we wizzle be offer'n club logo t-shirts sometime in late Octoba. Thanks ta everyone fo` they support so i can get mah pimp on!


"Without a doubt, tha B-to-tha-izzest usa site tizzy I have ever seen like this and like that and like this and uh. Vizzle well laid out, eazy ta use, n fizzay of 411 `bout such a new vehicle cuz its a doggy dog world. This site def did influence mah purchas'n decision."
B. Russell
"I continue ta be amazed `bout tha quality of tha contribizzles that tha memba of this ROC site contribute every day"

"In mah 72 years I have learned a lot `bout ridez n trucks but this site is tha bizzy so i can get mah pimp on. Sum-m Sum-m new it seems every day n it sure helps a lot."

"Thank you all here fo` bootylicious info cuz Im tha Double O G. It allowed me ta be prepared n confident fo` walk'n into tha showroom."

Now even a guy in his fourties (me) can be dahizzle!:cool:

mike kennedy said:
This site (gizoogle) sucks! It's for morans who wear their sport caps crooked and let their pants hang down past their ass!
Thats what I think! Dice
Care to tell us how you REALLY feel?? :eek:
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