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GM's vice chairman loves the Ridgeline.

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Even Bob Lutz loves the Ridgline. I almost passed out when I read this.

At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this month, Bob Lutz, GM’s vice chairman, brought a large contingent to inspect Ridgeline. He told Flint: It’s the best “packaging” of any vehicle he has ever seen, meaning the best layout and use of space.
Lutz praises competitors sparingly, especially those from abroad.
If the Ridgeline does prove to be a game-changer, it’s likely that Honda will need more production capacity in North America, which is already beginning to approach capacity. In December the company said it should reach capacity of 1.4 million vehicles by 2006.
A big splash by Ridgeline also may spur a new crop of pickups even more quickly from the competition, models with more clever use of space, a friendlier feel and somewhat smaller engines.

Quote from gary Flint, former engineer for GM for 15 years:

"What we really wanted to do," said Gary Flint, chief engineer for the Ridgeline, "is build a truck that didn't stink. We felt most other trucks stink."
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Pretty nice that Mr. Flint thought other truck he might have help creat at at GM Stink. I think he nailed when he said "This Truck Doesn't Stink"
If they hurry up and add a diesel, or get more MPG from the gasoline set-up, they would be real winners. The only real complaint I have addressed regarding the Ridgeline in the last year and a half is the MPG is not much better than a Silverado, Titan, or F-150, all with a large V-8. Diesel is only
40 cents more than gas here now, so a 3.0 L turbo diesel in the Ridgeline is my dream. 210 HP, with about 350 ft/lb torque from 1,800 rpm on. Geared properly, it should give upper 20's on the highway to near 30 mpg. This engine with a 7 speed automatic? Maybe they could partner with Mercedes on their new automatic transmissions. This much torque would pull my boat better than it does now.
Old threads that get resurrected are sometimes cool....I call it "Classic ROC"....:D....maybe the mods can collect choice threads and classify them as "Classic ROC" like a RTFM thread....or hydrolocking....body wrinkles....just throwing out ideas......
Possibly Spray on Mud and Spray on Water :D that's a blast from the past!!!
Geez....whatever we do, let's not unlock the "hydrolicking" thread. I'd rather go to the dentist than resurrect that one.
Somebody dug up a 4 year old thread that had NO replies???
That's digging deep.......maybe they were looking for the Lindberg baby? :eek:
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