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Forget about the accessories and deal with it afterwords. You will save more $ and really know what you want before prematurely buying. Make sure you really want/need them. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Like Red Light says, just buy the vehicle and THAT's IT! Not sure what model you are buying but I wouldn't pay more than invoice for the vehicle. I paid $700 under invoice for mine..Also, you may think they are giving you good $ for your trade in but think otherwise as thats where they make their $ too. Rethink about selling first than use the $ for a down payment. Like longboat also said, get your financing figured out first before going in. The dealer offered me 9% when i got there and I got 3.24% from my bank. Have fun. Know your $hit before you go and they will know what they are up against!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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