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I just bought a Blue RTS. I've had my 2006 Ridgeline for 10 years and 224k miles. It was the best vehicle of the 30 years I've been driving. I wasn't easy on it either. The only problem I ever had was the catalytic converter failed around 150k. Never changed the timing belt. Never had a breakdown. Here she is in the Honda dealer's lot right after I traded her off.

I spent 6 weeks test driving and negotiating. I talked to 9 different dealers. Half of them offered little or no discount off the MSRP. Some of them stated "These Ridgelines are being sold faster than we can order them!" While this is partially true because shipments are slowly trickling out and dealers usually only have 2 or 3 in stock, I called BS. I kept working on the price and holding out for the truck I wanted, a blue 2WD RTS. Eventually I got the deal and the truck I wanted at about $3k below sticker.

Here's the new one. I hope I get another good 10 years and 200k+ miles out of this one.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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