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Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum, as I just purchased a 2010 Honda Ridgeline RTL w/Nav in Dec. 2020. Recently, the Check Engine and VTM-4 lights came on and when I ran through the code reader came back with P0406 - this led me to the EGR valve and upon inspection, it looks like a rodent has chewed through one of the wires the leads to the EGR valve. In conducting some research, I couldn't find what's on the other end of those wires (I don't have the tools to remove the cover so I can see). Can anyone tell me 1) what those wires connect to at the other end (I suspect it's the rear left oxygen sensor, but can't be sure) 2) what part I can purchase to replace these wires, do I just buy a connector with wire leads? 3) online service manual recommendations? I purchased the Haynes online manual and it wasn't helpful for this situation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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