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Welcome to the ROC!

With no location info in your profile or condition/trim level of the truck other than mileage what you paid is subjective as it seems to vary by region. In NC for one with all the bells and whistles I'd say yes.

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Welcome to the ROC,

Congratulations on your new vehicle.

Without Pictures, it didn't happen...

Good Luck and Enjoy the Ride...

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bought 2011 55K miles for $19K, good deal?
FACT: Kelly Blue Book says a 2011 RT with 55K miles is worth about $15K on trade-in and $17K if selling to a private party. Similar Ridgelines are currently listed by dealers on for $18-19K. So, it appears you paid full dealer retail.

OPINION: You did not get a good deal, but it was obviously worth $19K to you since you bought it so just enjoy it. :)
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