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Greetings from a new 2017 Sport owner!

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Hi, it looks I'll be "wasting" my time on yet another car website…*:) I've had an eclectic mix of vehicles over the years and I've participated in various online communities that have contributed to my knowledge of them. A couple '85 and '96 Honda Accords, a '99 Mustang Cobra, a '98 Dodge Neon, a '90 Toyota Pickup, and most recently, an '06 Honda CRV. The last one became a total loss after a drunk driver hit me and then tried to make a run for it (no one was hurt and he didn't get far before being arrested).

Which brings me to this community as the owner of a brand new 2017 Ridgeline Sport! I'm looking forward to learning more about the Ridgeline and especially what this new generation model has to offer. I'm not a gearhead by any means, but I've got enough tools laying around the shed to be dangerous. Thanks!
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Welcome and enjoy your new ride...
Do They still make A "sport" model?
Congrats on your, G2

Welcome to the ROC.

Good Luck and Enjoy the Ride!
Welcome and enjoy your new ride...
Do They still make A "sport" model?
The US version of the Sport is basically the RTS with a few cosmetic differences. The dealer had it sitting on the lot for a bit and I was able to work the price down (even lower than the RTS MSRP).

  • Black Exterior Trim (door handles, mirrors, bumper skid garnish, front grille frame, door moldings, tailgate handle)
  • 18-Inch Gray Painted Aluminum Allow Wheels
  • Red Front Footwell Lighting
  • “Sport” Emblem
Welcome!!! Glad you weren't hurt in your CRV and you have a RL out of it! :p
Congrats on your purchase & Welcome to the ROC!
Welcome & congrats on your new RL! I can think of worse ways to "waste" time!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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