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Hello everyone,

I've owned over 10 vehicles ( a few sport car coupes, a few family sedans, two full size SUVs, & 3 motorcycles) before settling on my very first pick up truck, the 1st Gen Honda Ridgeline.

I'm not new to the modifications scene but because of all the years of blowing money down the drain I've learned to appreciate great OEM. My respect for Honda started with my very last RR liter Super Bike (the fire blade) and this lead me to want to own the Ridgeline upon my return to full time Canadian living.

The AWD system, car like suspension, the SUV like interior room and a V6 with VTec made the HR stand out amoungst all other trucks on the market.

I hope to get along with all ROC members.


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Welcome to the ROC,

Congratulations on your new vehicle.

Without Pictures, it didn't happen...

Good Luck and Enjoy the Ride...
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