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Hailstorms & Ridgelines Don't Mix

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Picked my new RTL /moonroof Thursday in the Dallas, TX area and started home Saturday after visiting relatives for 2 days. Got to Amarillo Saturday late afternoon and without going into the whole story, watched from a restaurant as hail the size of quaters and some as large as half dollars beat up my brand new Amazon Green RL.

It was sickening to say the least. Not a thing I could do but watch. After the hail it rained like crazy so just went back in and ate shrimp - my wife just kind of sat there and said nothing. She really, really likes the RL too.

It did a job on the drivers side all the way down from one end to the other and of course the hood and top not really deep, no knocked off paint just enough that when you look down the side or across the hood it is just dimpled so nicely it looks like it came from the factory that way.

Will take it to the insurance company tomorrow - State Farm - I'm wondering how much of a fight this will be. There were a couple of toronados in the area as well but didn't get close to those so I guess I shouldn't be whining like a little kid but man - I finally got exactly what I wanted at the price I wanted to pay ($500 over factory invoice - $30,376 and no adds) and now this. :eek:

On top of that I had waxed the whole front and RainX'ed the windows cuz I knew I would run into bugs - stop gap measure until I get the clear bra on.
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Man, I hate to hear that happened to you! State Farm should be good to cover your damage...they've always been good to me when I've needed them. Kind of like a good neighbor. :D
Ouch! Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Hope you'll get a bodyshop that can make it look like new again. While hail is rare here in VA, when it comes it can be wicked. I've even scouted out nearby parking garages for cover. Silly I guess, because you seldom get enough notice. Just hate to think of the Ridge getting blasted like that. Best of luck on the repairs.
Had a freak storm like that 2 years ago at a place th at I used to work. The dir. of engineering has a BMW 550i or something like that, nice silver, fast and well he loves the car. Hail did almost $9k worth of damage. dents and dimpples onthe roof, hood, trunk, fenders. Looked like a crinckled soda can.
man sorry to hear about that. a few days ago i was whining about a single ding. hail is lots worse.
I had my CR-V for 3 weeks when a 100 year hail storm did $7000 damage to it.

I would have then replace the entire hood. Re-skin the metal where possible and have them remove the windows to paint or you will never be happy with it. :eek:

2004 Element
2006 Ridgeline
Sorry to hear about the damage Ridgeman. I went through a hail storm today (funny, it's the first thing I saw when checked on the boards this evening). The size never got over a 1/4 inch and I didn't get any damage but it sure had me worried for a little while. Hope everything turns out ok.
my prelude got rocked by a tornado a couple years back, and state farm was awesome. the car was by no means totalled, but they were nice and deemed it totalled anyways. saved me a big pain in the ass.
I live in Texas too Ridgeman and I know how those storms can pop up without warning. My heart would be broken if that happened to me but I have State Farm too (nearly $1000 a year to insure the Ridge!!) so I'm pretty sure you won't have any trouble getting it fixed. Anything can happen of course but if there is a 30% chance of even just rain that sucker of mine is staying in the garage!
I dont think any car or truck is totally immune to a Hail storm. Sorry to hear that it happened and hope the insurance takes care of everything.
I know exactly what your going through it happened to mine about a month and a half back. Had dents on the hood and roof about 20 total. I am still in the process of fixing them with my paintless dent repair kit. It takes me about 2 1/2 hours per dent, slowly getting there.
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