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Hands free cell phone use

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Hi I have not seen a thread on this so I thought I would ask. What are you using for hands free cell phone use in your RL. In particular, has anyone found a solution using the NAVi system AUX interface with your cell? I found I could hook up the phone through the AUX but I can only hear the caller they cant here me. I believe it is due to the way the cord from the cell phone to the head set is designed. One line is use for the earpiece and the other for the microphone. When I plug it into the AUX port, the port is looking for a stereo input (2 lines) and not a speaker/microphone input. I can rig the connecting line with a microphone but I would rather use the one in the Ridge that is already in place. Does anyone know of a good aftermarket solution or a Honda solution?

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I installed a Parrot CK3100 and love it. It works great!

been talking about it already , check out the one guy's link for motorola blue tooth
djdj, I cant find a CK1000 on the site. The others look very interesting though.
My phone has "Bluetooth". For $65 a bought a Motorola wireless headset. Solved the problem and I can use it in all my vehicles.

I also got a cool phone holder from "Momo" on eBay. It's on a goose neck that suction cups to the window. I mounted it on the far left cormer of the windshield. It holds the little Razr just over the dash brightness control. It doesn't block a thing or my view.

Until now, I was fighting the phone laying in the center tray or cupholder.

It's a cheap, slick, solution to all my cell phone problems while driving. Considering I lived with it stuck to the side of my head all day, I'm pretty happy to hang a little headset on my ear when the phone rings. :D
Starting Oct. 1st, hands free is the law in Connecticut.
Ultra-HOG said:
djdj, I cant find a CK1000 on the site. The others look very interesting though.
Oops! Typo.... It's the CK3100.
Plantronics makes the very comfortable and inexpensive 510 headset. It is very light and under $45.00. Bluetooth is easy to use with Treo 650. It emits a very cool sapphire strobe and exemplifies the fact that you are a high tech individual.
Does anyone know where I could get a Parrot CK3100 installed in Connecticut on my Ridgeline with Navi?
I am thinking of getting the parrot did the install go? do all the features seem to work? have any pictures of it mounted?

was considering the 3200
The installation of the CK3100 was really easy, but I had pre-wired my truck for it when I installed my sound system cause I knew the phone kit was coming. Also, instead of hooking into the stereo speakers, I installed a separate speaker, making the installation a LOT easier.

If you install your own speaker, there are only 3 wires to connect to the truck, the rest is just a matter of mounting the unit, speaker, microphone, and display, which may or may not be difficult depending on where you decide to put it all. If you connect into the stereo speakers, you're talking about ripping apart the dash to get to the speaker wires behind the stereo.

If I remember in the next few days I'll take a picture of mine in my truck.
Can you tell me more about connecting the three wires? Doe your radio mute when the phone is in use? I have a Motorola Blue Tooth hands free installed now with it's own speaker but the Parrot sounds like a better unit. Any info would be much appreciated!!
The 3 wires I mentioned are for battery power, ignition power, and ground. Muting the stereo is a much more complicated affair, requiring many more wires to be connected. The kit does mute the front speakers if fully installed.

Initially, to make the install easier, I plugged directly into the underdash fuse block. Fuse position 29 is hot in run and start, fuse positions 12,15,17 are hot all the time. None of these are used for standard or optional equipment.
I eventually moved the kit's "ignition" wire to be powered by the accessory position, but in most vehicles this wouldn't be an issue. (I only did it because I have a remote starter which powers the Ignition position, and it was turning on my car kit when I wasn't even near the vehicle.)
So there is no common mute for all the speakers? I wonder what this is on the parrot 3200? it has a universal control box that will work with all brand radios?
I have a Treo 600, which I connected to the Navi AUX using a Male to Male jack. Somehow I can hear and be heard when I am called. It's pretty sweet.
All of the Parrot products that are hardwired come with a box that is designed to interface with the stock audio system (or any other audio system for that matter) by interrupting the signal going to the front speakers. It connects to the front two speakers, uses the front speakers for the phone, and mutes the audio in the front speakers when the phone kit is in use. In this sense, it does mute the stereo. The problem here is that you must open up the dash, temporarily remove the stereo, and cut four factory wires to make this connection.

The kit also has a mute wire that can be connected to aftermarket stereos that have a phone mute input. If you go with this method, you'll need to install your own speaker for the kit.

I went with the second method, cause it was a lot easier to hook up.
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Pics from my Parrot CK3100 installation...

First pic is of the display/control panel, second shows position of speaker (it is completely out of sight from a normal seating position, but clearly audible), and microphone on top of the steering wheel.


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What's the display on the right?
shovelhd said:
What's the display on the right?
Passenger side LCD for DVD/XBOX/TV/Rearview Camera/whatever else. See
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