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Hard to close driver's side door

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Can someone explain why I have to SLAM the driver's side door to get the damn thing to shut completely? Took it to the dealer today and the Service Rep told me it's because of the tighter seals to eliminate external noise...yaddy, yaddy, ya, ya... The other doors don't require that effort, so it sounds like bull s***t to me.
Anyone else have that problem? It's starting to drive me nuts! :(
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I haven't had any issue closing any of the doors with just normal pushes or pulls. I certainly haven't had to slam the door. I hate when doors require a lot of push to close. I certainly haven't noticed any door taking more work than another. The only thing we have a bit of a problem with is the seat levers in the back are a little stiff, but we have only had the car for 4 days now so I am guessing it is the newness of the car more than anything.
I have more difficulty with the rear doors. I think it may be that a particular door may have less lubricant than another. It is true that with the tighter seals, the doors require a little more oomph to close. A few vehicles back I had a Ford Contour. The vent to allow the compressed air that results from closing a door to escape was in the rear window deck into the trunk and then another vent to the outside behind the bumper. Well the external vent failed and every time I drove on wet roads I would get a wet liner in my trunk. My last vehicle was an '03 Accord EX-V6 and when I would close the door I could faintly hear the vent open and close.

Check your doors for dry hinges or guides.
My doors close TOO easily I think and open TOO easily as well.

I just push all of them shut and they latch really nice.

I barely pull on the handles and they open bingo from inside and out.

They have a nice sound but they just seem wierd.
I find if I open a window just a little that the doors close much easier. If you are exiting the car, you can then close the window with the key option.
I think the "key option" is only for opening all the windows at the same time by pressing the unlock button twice and holding it pressed the second time. ;)
Tex's Ridge said:
I think the "key option" is only for opening all the windows at the same time by pressing the unlock button twice and holding it pressed the second time. ;)
Nope, that's the remote option. The key option will close the windows.

Insert key into door lock.
Turn CCW to lock and release.
Turn CCW again and hold.
Wait for windows to raise.
Release and remove key.
WOW! Great! Thanks! Learn something new everytime I read thru ROC posts!
I have had occasional trouble closing the driver's door. One day, about a month ago, I had to slam it about 10 times before the dashboard indicator would go out. I don't know what the problem was because it hasn't repeated itself to that degree, and so I haven't had the dealer look at it. I have found that it closes more reliably if I use the normal hand grip in the door rather than the large grip surrounding the handle/latch.
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