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I have a couple of VR3 backup camera monitors sitting around that allow for hardwiring of their wireless backup camera. The monitors work well and have lots of tweekable features but their camera is crap.

So I decided to crack the code... VR3 tells you that their cable is proprietary, which feeds both the power for the monitor and the video feed and cuts out the wireless receiver, but it is really just a 3.5mm tip-ring-ring-shield cable that some devices already use such as older camcorders and some i-pods.

I used a volt/ohm meter to figure out the connector and invested $3 for a camcorder cable. You only need to use the tip for video (+), the first ring for 12V+ and the shield for the ground for video and power.

The same setup works with both the 2.5" and 3.5" monitor models.

On the camcorder cable, the TIP of the RED RCA feeds the video signal, the metal surround feeds the video ground and 12v ground from the camera. The tip of the WHITE RCA feeds the 12V+.
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