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Has anyone replaced the heatunit with an aftermarket unit?

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I was just wondering if anyone actually replaced the stock headunit with an aftermarket headunit? Is there a kit available to do this?
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I haven't been able to locate a kit yet. Metra Electronics had a Ridgeline taken apart back in March. I am a mobile electronics retailer and am in contact with Metra often. Their techs say it'll probably be a little while, so I may just make my own kit or modify another Honda kit from Metra. Only problem is getting around the wire harness and antanna adapter. I think these parts are available, need to double check. You may even try Scosche, Best Kits, or American International who also make vehicle specific kits. I am partial to Metra, so my opinion on dash kits is a bit biased, I try to use nothing else.
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