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My wife and I test drove the RTS yesterday. We were very impressed with the all the features. But we both noticed the headrests were too close. Even with them lowered all the way, they still poked us in the back of our heads unless we leaned the seats back further than necessary. Has anyone else noticed this?
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My wife said the same thing, when we got out I meant to look to see if they could be adjusted, but I forgot. Can they be adjusted other than the up und down.
You want the headrest as close to your head as possible without being an annoyance.

We had a string of Volvo's before we got our Pilot, so I guess we got used to having the headrest so close.
The headrest is the most unused safety feature of most vehicles. It is the headrest that prevents 'whiplash' type injuries on a crash (mostly rear impact).

The headrest should be positioned so that the back of your head rests on the center of the head rest. When you get into a rear impact crash, you are pitched forward slightly. As the seatbelt slams you back into your seat, you actually have been lifted slightly. If the headrest is left in the most lowered position (as most people leave it) it can act as a fulcrum and your neck can bend backwards over the top of the headrest and cause a hyperextension type injury to the neck.

For a short dude like myself (5'7") it is a pain to position it correctly because it gets in my line of sight for turning my head when backing up. But I can live with that.

Okay, I'll take my ED Doc hat off now. Sorry for the long post.
My wife also said it was hitting her in the back of the head. I told her, Then it's adjusted correctly leave it alone. So many manufactures design ineffective head rest that will not protect you when rear ended. Be thankful Honda did. It's not there for your comfort to help you take a nap.
Yup. the closer they are to your head, the better....

They are not headrests, but head restraint devices.

Check here for more details-->
I've owned my Ridgeline for 13 months and did not know about the third head rest in the center of the rear seat:eek:
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