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Heater "Auto" mode has stopped working

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2008 Ridgeline. The heater controls have the Auto button. So you can turn up the thermostat and then press Auto and then the heater will not blow out air until the temperature of the car has warmed up enough to actually produce hot air. I use this in the morning a lot, so when the car is still cold, I turn the temp up, press Auto and it will be 3 or 4 minutes before the heater starts blowing air since the car is still warming up.

Just recently I've noticed the Auto button makes the air start blowing immediately, even if the car is not warmed up, resulting in it blowing cold air even if the thermostat is set to warm/hot.

Does anyone have any leads on where to start diagnosing this problem or are there any threads that discuss this along with possible solutions? I've tried searching for "heater auto" but got like hundreds of unrelated threads in the search results.

Can anyone help? Thanks,
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It might not hurt to try pulling the fuse (or disconnecting the battery) for a few minutes. I have sometimes resolved issues like this by forcing a micro controller to "reboot."
How would I determine which fuse to pull?
Have you ever had the recall for the blower motor wiring done? Basically, the wiring for the motor can be faulty, cause a short and possibly spark. If there is an issue within the wiring that it isn't getting a good enough current until it warms up a bit, this could possibly be your issue. I would get it into a dealership asap to get that done. It's completely free to you other than your time. If the problem still persists, I would guess you likely have an issue with a sensor or within the control unit itself. I'm sure you could likely get the parts you need online and replace the unit yourself without much effort. The dash panels pull off easily and only a few screws and clips hold in the unit.
I'm having a similar problem with my 2009 RTL. Not only does it starts blowing cold air immediately but it doesn't actually heat up to the warmer temperatures. The temperature control still makes it warmer or cooler but it's more of a warm or cold air conditioning even when it's sitting on high. Does anyone have any ideas? Did replacing the recalled part help? I don't know if it's still a recalled part on the 2009 and above.
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