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2020 Sport
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Things I have done so far:

Tinted windows
Front and rear floor liners
Mounted radar detector using a mirror mount
Added the Honda locking tailgate handle

Probably new rims in the next few months...don't care for the stock ones.
I bought a set of those exact rims. Gonna mount some new blizzaks I got for them for winter here in Black Hills of SD where I live. I'm one of those guys that have 2 sets of tries and rims for the 4 seasons.

If you reside in the snow belt you may want to consider that too, or you could have your stock ones powder-coated black or sliver for about $50-60 per wheel.
I have entertained that notion too and still might as winter has not set in yet.
The stock wheels i have on the sport are black so I thought that the contrast ones would be a nice switch up..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts