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Hello from Winnipeg, Canada!

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to thank you in advance as I've been lurking here for the last week. The vast information here helped me determine whether or not I was gonna buy a Ridgeline and well, now I'm a new owner!! I was lucky enough to find a higher mileage IMMACULATE '06 RTL that was owned by a retired fella who spent every single winter in AZ so needless to say this thing hasn't got a spec of rust on it, and it came with a full compliment of service records from day 1. Thanks to everyone here I'll be getting the timing belts/water pump done ASAP, the radiator (regardless of lack of corrosion present on the tranny cooler lines), and I'll be repairing the rear seat cams right away with ease.
Everybody here seems really helpful, polite and respectful which is nice to see on a public forum.

I own an autobody shop so I'm more than happy to answer any questions you've got regarding paint repairs on your Ridge's.

Cheers- Dustin! :)
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Welcome Dustin!
And if you're just now needing the TB/WP service, then that's not too many miles at all on an '06. It sounds like a lot of those are highway miles to boot! Should make a good ride for you. Have fun!
Welcome to the ROC Dustin. :act035:
Congrats on your purchase & Welcome to the ROC!
Welcome to the ROC, post some photos of your RL when you get a chance!
Welcome to the club! Good luck with your new ride!:act035:
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