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Helmholtz resonance with windows open

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This is really the only irritant I have with the G2.

On my G1 I loved to have the front windows up while the rear windows and sliding rear window were open. I opened the sliding rear window also because it reduced the helmholtz resonance created by having only the two rear windows open. When I do the 3 window method in my G2 the helmholtz resonance doesn't go away, it actually sounds like it gets worse. Has anyone else experienced this? Believe me, you would notice it. It sounds like a helicopter is in the cabin with you.

The moonroof and rear sliding window open does not have the same problem and of course all windows down is not an issue either.
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Has anyone experience unbearable wind noise inside the cabin when both rear windows down completely? I'm thinking since there's no place for the wind to go and the back window is right there (no opening) you'll hear the loud noise. Any other ideas?
is it a buffeting that you are hearing or the whoosh (roar?) of the wind rushing by? I have have buffeting on several vehicles over my driving lifetime and some were unbearable and I have also had the wind rush blast in the driver window so strongly that I had to keep the windows up! Does it do it with the front windows down? You could try the window vent/rain guards, I don't know that they will definitely help but they could change the aerodynamics of the truck enough to stop the noise somewhat...maybe, no guarantees! >:)
Do you have a tonneau cover or cap? They also might smooth out the air flow.
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