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Help! Mouse gnawed through fuel line!

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I guess it was a mouse. We got in the truck (2008 Ridgeline) this morning and there was a strong odor of gasoline, so we switched vehicles to run errands. Later I popped the hood and spotted wet gas where the fuel line connects to a plastic elbow. The elbow has chew marks and a hole in it.

The elbow is in a white plastic device and I don't see how to remove either the elbow or the white part.

Which part(s) do I need to replace, and how do I do it? I obviously can't drive anywhere for help so I have to fix it myself and I'm counting on you guys for help.

Thanks in advance!


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I can't tell from the diagrams. Maybe I could try to take off the elbow and just replace that, but it wasn't obvious how to remove one end since it was covered by the white part.
I've found the part in a diagram. Now it's clear that I need to remove the quick connector, then remove and replace the elbow. Here is a better pic of my fuel hose and elbow which is connected to the metal fuel line by a quick connector. The second diagram shows how to remove the connector by squeezing together two tabs. I don't see any tabs in my picture or on the first diagram. Any advice?


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I figured out how to take it apart and which part I need. Thanks for replying breye.
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