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Those three trucks are just about equal on price and mileage. What it's going to come down to is which has the best balance of maintenance history and the features you need/want. If the maintenance history is satisfactory on all of them and you can't eliminate any of them based solely on that, you have a choice to make. All RL's have the same drivetrain and safety gear. The DX is a US RT. Base model with steel wheels, black door handles, single CD player, manual climate controls and not a whole lot of creature comforts. The EX (RTS) steps up with dual auto climate control, 6-disc changer with a subwoofer, body-colored handles, alloy wheels, power drivers seat and steering wheel audio controls. The EX-L (RTL) adds to the RTS features with leather heated seats (extremely nice in Canadian winters) and a moonroof. There were engine, transmission, interior and exterior upgrades for the 2009 model year. A portion of the 2009 models were built in Ontario, Canada before RL production was moved to Alabama midway through the year. If the 2009 you're looking at was built in Canada and you can live with the base model, go for it. Canadian built 2009's are considered the "unicorns" of RL's in that they have the build quality of the Canadian plant (superior to Alabama) and the 2009 updates. If you want all the creature comforts, the 2008 would be my choice. If you want something in the middle, the 2010 is the newest one. You're doing the right thing by having them checked out before buying. At the mileage they all have, they all should have had the timing belt service completed. This is the most important and most expensive service required on the RL. If the one you decide on has not had this done, you can use it as negotiation leverage and have the seller take off some from the asking price.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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