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Just replaced all the plastic "under parts" on the front of my ridge...and modified the front shield in prep for the installation of my new Burtman Stainless burshguard. Well, step one is to remove the five m12 bolts and one smaller one and attach the mounting brackets. Well, I have NO impact wrenches, so it's just a breaker bar for me. Three of the M12 bolts squeeled like a stuck pig and then just spin....they don't loosen, just spin. Two of the m12's loosened up and the smaller one did too. I re-installed them with some anti sieze so I can remove them later. SO, I believe the three that aren't actually loosening up are rusted into their respective weld nuts and the nuts have broken lose and are spinning. So, is there any way to remove these????? If I was installing the guard or not, this needs to be repaired as it is structural. Ideas? Do I need to take this to the dealer?
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