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Hi New Here Original Ridgeline Owner

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I bought my Ridgeline in 2005, one of the first trucks on the dealership lots in Vancouver. I have looked at new models and can't find a reason to buy a new one. I have had the usual problems, back seats, transmission, but still think it is the best small truck I have owned. I bought the Hondas' box cover but didn't like it so bought an after market one from CappIt. The truck still drives well and still looks stylish.
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Welcome to the forum. We share your love.......
Congrats on 10-years of ownership and welcome to the ROC.
Welcome to the ROC, after all these years! :act030:

presuming with an EX-L you're in Vancouver, WA vs. BC? If you want you can add that to your profile section so folks will know 'where you're coming from', so to speak, from post to post.

as Dnick said, we (most of us?) share your love of the Ridgeline. glad you persevered through the usual problems.

and, as per section MPP of the forum (must post photos), throw up a picture or two of that there RL of yours. we do like pictures. :act024:
Congrats on 10 years of ownership.

It sounds like you've already been "Enjoying the Ride"
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