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HID complete headlight assemblies

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I am selling the headlights I posted about in the link below.

Price $200 not including shipping. Never sold anything on this site so if you PM me provide suggestion of how you would like to conduct this transaction.

I never did a good job with the rotational alignment with these so I was going to mess with trying to fix them. However if you try to mess with the rotational alignment without opening them up you run the risk of popping the shroud off them then you have to bake to open and fix. So in preparation for messed up headlights I would need to bake and fix I ordered replacement stock headlights. Once I got the stock ones I decided screw it I am planning on getting the new Ridgeline soon so might as well just put the OEMs back in. So I removed all the stuff I bought and put the OEMs back in.

Long story short these work but are totally as is. With the $190 bulbs, and $300 plus I spent with retrofit source, and the cost of assemblies, I am trying to salvage whatever I can :) I know if I could have bought fully converted HIDs back in the day I would have done that versus the 20 hours I spent messing with these! But back to these are AS IS! They were working the day I decided to replace them and I am not trying to screw anyone. But also don't want some kind of headache or drama. I would rather throw them in the trash than deal with someone upset about whatever.
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I can send picture of all the parts I have upon request.
Hi Cenovio im interested in the headlights.Are they still available?
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