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High mileage drivers...

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Just curious about how many owners here intend to put high mileage on their Ridgelines... and what expectations are in terms of longevity.

I have an 80 mile round trip commute to work, and like road trips, so put 75,000 (mostly highway) miles on a 2002 MDX in three years. I traded the MDX in on my Ridgline, and I want/need the Ridgeline to hold up at least as well as, and hopefully better than, the MDX. I've had it less than a month, and turned over 1,000 on Friday.
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I purchased my Ridgeline on April 19th and have 12,004 miles on it. Normally I drive my trucks on the average of about 200,000 miles. I'm close to retirement so I may trade this one in early on another Ridgeline.
I have no reservations about driving my Ridgeline for 4 to 5 years.

I'll be putting about 18 to 20K miles per year. I HOPE to have this truck for at least 7 years. I had my Dakota for 6 1/2 and I was forced to change b/c I needed a truck with seating for 5.
I'm planning on a good 15 years out of this one. I've had Fords (even the dreaded Pinto in the 70's!), an Accord, a Dodge Caravan (not known for reliability) and a Mercury Grand Marquis. Got at least 120,000 out of each of them, 170,000 on the Accord, and at least 10 years of use. The Ridgeline so far is my perfect vehicle, and I'm looking forward to many years and a new mileage record!
My target is 10 years, which I thought would be around 150,000 miles, but it's been less than 2 months (bought it April 30) and already have 5300 miles on mine.
I usually get out at around 130K, but this is a Honda, and I may go longer. It depends on whether someone comes out with something like this that gets 25mpg.
I will be keeping mine for about 10yrs. I had a Nissan truck for 10yrs and I sold it with 190000 miles and it was running strong. As a matter of fact the person that bought it sold it in Mexico. Now its been used for what it was ment for, a truck. The Honda should do better than that.
I brought Lady Ridgena home March 2 and when we pulled down the driveway tonight, Todd said we had 11,854 miles on her. I have a 90 mile round trip commute to work and we race on weekends and practice during the week all over the place, thus the reason I bought her. I bought the extended warranty. I'll drive here until then and then go day by day. This is my first Honda and I do have high expectations.
Let me put it to you in simpler terms.
I don't leave home without her!!!! :D
Picked up mine in late February, and I have over 12,000 miles stacked. I'll have over 40,000 before it's first birthday. This will be my fourth V-tec engine I've purchased. The first two I drove over 190,000 miles a piece (they were Accords). I hope to get more then 200,000 from this engine. My problem is that after about 150,000 miles it doesn't matter what I'm driving............I'm ready for a change.

We'll see.........................................
I too have an exactly 80 mile round trip to work and plan to put >22k on per year. I had my last truck for over 10 years and 207,000 miles. This is my expectation on the Ridgeline as well. :D
I'm in the same boat as "Chicago".......IMO this is why its a no brainer to pay a little more for our Ridge's. I buy Honda's because I don't have the time to deal with car agro. I had 375,000km's on my Ody and can honestly say it was as quiet and sound as the day i bought it, it pulled hard and drove tight. Other than tires and brakes I spent zero (no plugs, tune-ups or maint) changed the oil every 10k.

I expect the same from my Ridge, it does seem to run a bit hotter, my Ody was a cold hearted little motor, just loved the hot weather.

ps, when you think of the abuse a vehicle takes in Eastern Canada, it really is amazing how reliable new cars are.
I am planning on 200,000 Miles at least. I never actually get to my desired life of my trucks. My wife just decides it's time to give one of the kid's my current truck. I usually get to play with them about 5-7 years.
I usually get new one every 18 months. They have 90-100,000 on them, I keep a very well maintained vehicle. Last truck I traded in, the gm's son bought it. I feel the Ridgeline will hold up for quite some time.
12,014 miles on the odometer pulling into work this morning. :D :eek: :p
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