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I don't know your paint issue and don't really want to go search for that thread. But, from your pictures they really did a thorough job digging into your truck to find the cause of the noise. Your only concern is how they fix the window. Why don't you contact some local reputable auto glass shops and describe the proposed fix to them. I am sure you will get some opinions on whether the use of silicone is a reasonable option. Frankly, I am sure that automotive adhesives and caulk are used to buffer a lot of noise and fit issues in all modern vehicles... not as a repair on the line but as a normal part of the assembly process to reduce the chance of squeaks, air gaps, rattles, etc. So, maybe the silicone, or similar, is already used and your vehicle just needs a better application?

Have you contacted Honda customer service directly? If not, then your claim of going straight to a lawyer is premature. No person or company can claim perfection. How they deal with the inevitable imperfections of life is ultimately what should be used to measure them by.

My $0.02

1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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