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.......Honda quality has been dropping for years now but for some reason I keep on going back. Ironically I've had the best luck with Fords but those were pushrod engines. I've never had an issue with a Honda or Acura (20 or so in the family since the 1980's) that were produced in Japan. The problems for me started in 2009 with models built in the US. The Acuras of the early 90's were bulletproof works of art.
Nearly bought an MDX, but after going to forums I decided not to. Surprised at Honda's slip lately. Rattles, loose grab handles, water leaks, broken My wife's 2013 has been mechanically good, but it has rattles/squeaks I wouldn't tolerate. I've got a RAM truck and it is more solid and rattle free. Come on Honda, step up.
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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