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Hitch Ball Diameter

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I just purchased a Honda hitch and harness off of eBay. I was wondering what hitch ball size was more common 1 7/8" or 2"? I just figured I would put on on and would like to probably get the most common for smaller trailers.

I have never had the need to tow anything but I do have a motorcycle that I might want to tow. I also think having the hitch, draw bar and ball installed will provide a little bumper protection as well.

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It depends. They are both very common. The 1 7/8 is used more often on light weight trailers, however even the small JetSki trailer I used to pull had a 2 inch ball requirement. So, you likely will just have to wait until you buy a trailer to pull! I would say, just get the 1 7/8 and mount it. If you need the 2" later on, you can just buy the 2" inch ball and switch it out.

I currently have two trailers, a 4x6 utility trailer that uses a 1 7/8" and a 21 foot sailboat trailer that requires a 2" due to the extra weight. I just bought another ball mount and keep the balls mounted. I just switch the ball mount out when I need to change up.
Mine is a 2" diameter. Also, do you have the other part to put the ball on from Honda. I made a mistake with my Toyota 4 runner becuase I had a set up from a Toyota Highlander, not so "old fellow". The dealer on my A-liner
had to move the connection forward to accomodate the electrical connection. :rolleyes:
There are setups available with a single post that accepts three different size balls. It could be a good way to go if you will be using several different trailers.
I have both, each on separate ball mounts. I keep the 1 7/8" in the trunk at all times. The 2" I pull out for special occasions such as when I'm towing a U-Haul tandem axle trailer, like tomorrow.
I opted for this interchangeable 1-7/8" & 2" arrangement for my newly-installed hitch. Does anyone have good things to say about this setup? The only problem I foresee is how easy someone can steal the ball...;) :)


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Use something like this;

It has the 3 standard sizes. 1 7/8" for light trailers, 2" for medium trailers and 2 5/16" for heavy trailers.
I use a double-sided flip ball mount - one is 1-7/8" and the other is 2". Our pop-up camper is 2", and the small utility trailer is 1-7/8", so I never have to search through things to find the correct ball.

I believe that all U-Haul trailers are 2".
Some of the older ones are 2-1/8" but they'll fit on a 2" ball.
I love my Convert-a-ball post with interchangeable ball sizes. I have used them for 15+ years without a problem.

I DO keep my hitch off the vehicle when I am NOT towing - not for theft reasons, though, I have a bad habit of walking into hitch balls with my shin-OUCH! :eek:
i have a two ball hitch that r welded on opposite sides of eachother and just use the size i need at the time , u can pick them up at for like 15 bucks or so , they only come in black

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