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2020 Ridgeline
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I've noticed the hitch receiver from my Ridgeline is very loose, with almost 1/8 of play between the receiver and the hitch mount. I've even tried multiple hitch mounts, thinking perhaps one was too small, but of the three different ones I've tried in my truck, all seem to have the 1/8 inch of play. What this causes is the trailer to bang and clang when driving down the road, especially bumpy roads with the trailer empty. When you look at the hitch mount, you can see where it is banging on the metal and causing some wear. I've previously had 3 different trucks, a Nissan and 2 Rams, and they didn't have this issue using this very same mount. Anyone else notice this with their Ridgeline trailer hitch receiver?

For a fix, I'm tempted to put a bead of weld on the hitch mount, then grind to fit it with minimal play (It needs some to insert and remove it). Only issue is if I do this for my one hitch, it probably won't fit in a properly sized receiver!

I noticed sever other posts about people mentioning the problem, but they moved the pin mount closer to ball, to minimize the probably, but since this didn't happen with my other trucks, it seems like a odd fix.
Look at this link hitch shim - Google Search
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