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We've had two 2nd Generation Honda Pilots that had cylinder deactivation: one with the older system that did 6-4-3 cylinder deactivation and the newer and then the newer system that just did 6-3. Had zero issues with either system. We never had either Pilot in the shop for anything mechanical. The only things we ever had warranty work on was on the 2010 Pilot was a malfunctioning radio and on the 2013 Pilot (which we just traded in on a 2016 Pilot) was a malfunctioning driver power lock failure. Both were very minor issues that were fixed quickly.

BTW: the 2016 is a HUGE improvement over the last gen Pilot! I only have two minor gripes.
1) the weird driver's side mirror that Honda is apparently putting on everything now. Looking at it for more than a few seconds will induce a migraine. Worst convex mirror EVER.
2) the touch controls on the radio are too close to the vent by the steering wheel. When aiming the vent, it's easy to change volume, hit home, etc. on the radio.

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1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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