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Honda did not sell me on G2

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Glad to see the G2 getting many good reveiws.
My 2006 RTS is hitting 190K and I thought it time for a move up.

The G2 is a good looking vihicle but, more Accord than truck, this may not be a bad thing for many. The biggest drawback for me was the shallow bed, more like the early Tacoma's. My dogs are big enough they would have fallen over the egdes in the corners. I keep them teathered toward the front of the bed and the wing keeps them from climbing up or falling out.

Another factor was that I wanted to move from an RTS to RTL with all the toys. The price of the full dress G2 with tax and licence would have approached $40K. Having had such great luck with my 2006 I chose to look for the lowest mileage nicest G1 I could find. Came up with a 2013 RTL-Navi with Blue tooth that was a Honda CPO vehicle with 33K on the clock. I was able to get this out the door at $30K, 25% less than the new truck and with the CPO warranty I get 1 year bumper to bumper and 7 year 100K drive train, taking most risk out of the future. Yes in ten years I will look like I am driving a dinasour but, the G1 Ridge is still ahead of much of the new competition. I will note, I would like the fuel economy of the G2.

My 2006 had zero issues in 190K and hope to see the same on the new one. New Ridge being delivered next Tuesday.

PS: I am not new here, I have been here since 06, old ID was hacked and could not get in with my old identity.
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Your old ID may not have been "Hacked" but unfortunately Vertical Scope was and they reset everyone's Password, a while back.

I believe everyone that had issues has been able to get them resolved, so if nothing else you can possibly contact an Admin and maybe they can still help you recover your old login, if your interested.
Congratulations! Sounds like you found a very nice G1.

I am looking for essentially the same year/model as you just purchased, and have seen (advertised) a few as CPO vehicles. So I have a question about the CPO warranty.

You say it has a 12 month "bumper to bumper", but when I read the warranty fine print I got the impression that it was not quite so comprehensive as the original 3 years/36K miles bumper to bumper warranty. Am I misunderstanding?

Either way, it is definitely MUCH better than no warranty at all. If you have time/opportunity, we'd love to see photos of your new ride!!
You are correct, the CPO warranty is not quite as comprehensive as new car warranty. The fact that my current Ridge maintenance consisted of, regular service items, three sets of tires, one set of brake pads, normal timing belt change, two windshields due to rock damage and four light bulbs, two headlights, one brake light and one tail light. The cars reliability suggests warranty will be a nice but unused document on the new one as well.

As for those pictures, I will save the band width. If you have seen a white RTL with Nav, blue tooth, grey interior, four mud flaps and a roof rack in like new condition mine looks just like that. Posting pictures of stock trucks is like posting pictures of shinny new pennies, they all look the same.
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