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I have a 2006 Ridgeline with 350k+ miles on it that I think finally needs a new transmission. I have been watching my local part yard for a Ridgeline to come in but I've had no luck so far. On the other hand I have seen many other vehicles with H5 transmissions (Pilots, Odysseys, Etc.) come and go but as far as I know the Ridgeline is the only H5 with the BJFA code on it. Are any of the other H5 transmissions compatible with the BJFA? BVGA or BVLA on the Pilot or a BYBA or BGRA from the Odyssey? I know the engine in the Odyssey, Pilot, and Ridgeline are super similar but I have not been able to get any info from anybody about the transmission compatibility.


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Odyssey would not work due to it being only a FWD with no transfer case and thus no place to mount it to the transmission.

As far as the Pilot is concerned, the 2006 PIlot has the same gear rations for Gear 1 to Gear 3 and reverse. Gear 4, 5, and final are different (compared to the '06 Ridgeline).
'06 - '15 PIlot and '06-'14 Ridgeline use the same center transfer, which is good because at least the Ridgeline transfer case will bolt up to a Pilot Transmission housing.

Looking at the transmission case itself, which would tell you if it is compatible or not;
  • the '06 Ridgeline case (21210-RJF-T02) is proprietary. Same applies to the TQ converter case (21110-RJF-305)
  • the '07 & '08 Ridgelines share the same transmission case (21210-RJF-T12) , BUT the TQ converter cases are not the same part numbers.
  • '09-'14 Ridgeline and '09-'15 Pilot share the same transmission case (21210-RN3-000).
  • '09-'14 Ridgeline, '09-'15 Pilot, & '10-'12 Crosstour shares the same torque converter case (21110-RYF-305)
In conclusion, It is worth a shot, but it is an experiment. I cant recall if the bellhousing changed during the '09+ Ridgelines, but I would assume same applies for the Pilots as well.
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