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Honda Looks to Break Truck Rules [2.28.5]

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Honda Looks to Break Truck Rules

by Joseph B. White, Wall Street Journal

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"Still, there's evidence that Honda's decision to rip up the rulebook is attracting attention. says it has tracked consumers researching the Ridgeline, and 44.2% of them are looking only at the Ridgeline -- they aren't using the site to cross-shop the Honda truck against anything else. That is an unusually large percentage of what Edmunds calls exclusive traffic. By comparison, the Toyota's hybrid gas-electric Prius achieved about a 20% exclusive shopping score, says's Jeannine Fallon."

I thought this was interesting. Looks like nearly half those researching on Edmonds aren't interested in "conventional" trucks. Of course 10% of it was from me! J/K :)
I'm sure that I contributed at least 10% myself! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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