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... Pure line of sight, this newer system is actually capable of over 1500 feet. Honda is just saying 400 feet to cover their butts. I'm sure that's somewhat true of the 180 feet too, although I've tested it and it doesn't go much beyond the 180...
If you ever listened to that wonderful show, "Car Talk," which was a Saturday morning staple on NPR for about a quarter century, you may have heard "Click & Clack" hilariously discussing/debating/arguing about extending the range of a car remote by holding it near your open mouth. Listeners called in with varying results and points of view.

Who could resist trying this out, when searching for the car in a crowded lot and hearing no chirp in response to the first few clicks on the remote? My own experience, and some others, was that it actually seemed to work -- but not always.

Some postulated that proximity to the head somewhat reshaped the radiation pattern of the transmission. Others said that the slight increase in height when raising the remote up near the face added a bit to the range. I have also tried holding the remote at arm's length above my head.

I don't recall anyone actually spending any time performing a serious study of this "phenomenon," since interest usually waned as soon as the car was located. But, with all this discussion of remote range, I thought I'd bring it to the group's attention.

Good luck the next time you're trying to remember where you left the car. >:)
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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