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I have found that wrapping the key fob in aluminum foil works just as well.

In that regard, here is my experience: I happened to be in Nebraska and worked with the dealership in Lincoln to get an extra Driver 1 fob. My only reason was for a hide-a-key setup.

They charged $60 for the fob, $25 for the key, $5 for the key cutting, and $50 for the programming. So about $140 (plus tax). This is actually about what a replacement of a regular key cost for my G1.

On the hide-a-key part: I bought a pouch on Amazon that shields the radio transmitting of the fob. I took the key out of the fob and put it in a magnetic key case hidden on the car. I hid the fob in the pouch and hid it in the car. So this way the extra fob stays in the car, but doesn't interfere with the other one or prevent me from locking the car. If I lose my original Driver 1 I can open the car with the hidden key, then use the fob in the pouch to start the car.

Here's the pouch I bought. Works fine:
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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