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Just returned from the NORBA (National Off Road Bicyle Assoc.) races in Deer Valley/Park City Utah. Great week end of racing. My son had a flat at the top of the course, it is a one run format so our trip was less than fruitful, though our team did great ( Santa Cruz Junior Syndicate).

Honda was there via the Turner/Honda team, they took second place in the Pro Downhill event. The bikes (2) they brought were quite unusual, stamped hydroformed frames with large cross sections, carbon fiber forks.
The bikes looked more like motorcycles than bikes, one feature that gives it that motorcycle look is a large carbon fiber gear box that mounts in the frame above the bottom bracket. I do not know what magic occures inside that gear case, could be the VSA processer or the unobtainium hyper drive unit.
Honda held the lead for some time only to be edged out by the last rider of the day riding for the Yeti team. Yeti had quite a few more entries in this race increasing there odds of winning.

I saw no Ridgelines in the Salt Lake and Park City areas.
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