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They should release it for sale on June 19th. At least that way they can still say "Spring 2016".
That does make sense in terms of wanting to have inventory since by that time they will have 2 months of production, which (if you believe numbers posted here) should be at least 8000 vehicles or an average of 8 per dealer. I wonder if these are being held off lot by dealers or in Honda regional holding lots (or both)?

That also might account for the hit and miss information from various dealers. We all know that dealers vary from competent to incompetent, from well informed to totally clueless, and from customer friendly to "I could care less". So depending on which of the above a dealer is, you would get varying and often bizarre information. We have all had companies give us totally weird explanations in order to cover their butts or avoid telling the truth and I would bet lots of this often conflicting so-called "information" users here are getting from dealers is due to that.

Yup, I would now bet on late June! Memorial day might have made more sense, date wise, but they may not have the inventory to make that date.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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