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How long have you been a Honda owner/fan?

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Is this your first Honda? Have you been a Honda owner for long? Have you been a Honda fan for long? Have you been waiting for a Honda truck?

Honda made the R-L for people like me. I'm a Honda diehard and needed/wanted a truck. Before the R-L came out, I was shopping for an F250. But that was really way too much truck and well it wasn't a Honda.

My first honda was a 1992 Civic LX 4 door automatic. It was slow and had 92hp... but it was indestructable. I literally tried to break it so I could have a reason for a new car. I sold it with over 150,000 miles on the civic.

My next Honda was a 1991 Rio Red CRX Si. I LOVED that CRX... it was my weekend racer. At this point I had a '98 Maxima as well. (I really don't like the maxima, so I gave it to my father, he's driving it now).

I then bought a '98 Integra GS-R sedan.
Then came the 2001 Spa Yellow S2000.
I sold the CRX and got engaged.
And now I am looking to replace my Mazda3 with the R-L.

My Wife drives an '02 RSX-S.

Oh and my riding mower is powered by a Honda as well.

Yes I am a regular Honda nut. :)
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Our family's first honda was a 1991 Accord EX Sedan. I inherited that car in 2001... the 2003 Element EX 4WD I have now is my 2nd Honda, hopefully a 2007 Ridgeline will be my 3rd! But before then I'm probably going to buy a little Honda Metropolitan II 50cc scooter to have fun with!
Well my first new car was a base, and I mean base, 89 Civic Hatchback. It had a four speed manual transmission and no radio. Ran that wee beasty for 10 years before I sold it with 110,000 hard Alaska miles on it. I still see it running around town 16 years later.

Also have a 95 del Sol with 20K on the clock that spends it's winters in the garage, save it for the sunny hot days. Not too many of those hence the low mileage.

Now the RL, which replaced my 97 Ford F-250 diesel. Oh yeah also 2 Honda gen sets, guess I am a Honda geek!
Im a real honda nut.
1988 crx
1993 del sol
1987 prelude si
1995 prelude Vtec
1995 passport ex
1996 passport ex
1998 accord ex
2001 cl type s
2000 s2000
1997 prelude
1988 civic dx (beater car)
2002rsx type s
2003 element ex
2000 RC51
snow blower
that about covers my honda addiction. The guys at work rag on me everyday about Honda. I work at Harley Davidson as a painter. They just dont understand the Honda thing. :D
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Honda lawnmower, bought about 20 years ago. It was a great mower and a very sad day when DH ran over a huge hunk of steel and bent the shaft.

Quiet Honda 2000 generator, bought three years ago when we bought our tent trailer. It allowed us to keep our outdoors lifestyle after hubby got DXd with sleep apnea and has to use a c-pap machine at night.

Now, out of the blue we caught the bug to buy a new truck coming up on three months ago. It is the most awesome vehicle we've ever owned. We love it! Everyone we talked to before it arrived with Honda ownership experience assured us that we could not go wrong with a Honda. Now we understand the devotion to that company.
First Honda was an 83 Accord hatchback. It had tons of power for the size. The thing ran forever. Unfortunately, the engine outlasted the body panels!!Then we decided our family needed a truck and I stated, "If Honda made a truck, I'd buy it.” That's when I went to the dark side :eek: (Toyota 4x4) for 11 years. Wife had an early 90's Honda Accord 4 door. Traded that in 2000 for a new Odyssey. NOW that Honda makes a I am!!

I almost forgot...we have 3 Honda's in our garage. Add a 20hp Honda lawn tractor with 48" mover deck!!
1986 Honda Accord - kept it till 2000. Great car that still looked good when I sold it. The Honda generator in my garage is just amazingly quiet and works like a champ. Now the Ridgeline - love it!
Four years ago, I was only aware of the Honda motor cycles. Now I have a Honda mower, a CRV and now the RL. I don't think I will own another brand in my llifetime. I really am proud to drive a RIDGELINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1973? Honda 250 Elsinore (used) - Not sure about the year and spelling. Silver aluminum gas tank and white fenders.
1977 Honda Accord Red (new)
Funny story about this one. It was red, 5 speed, hatchback. I was a drag racer before buying this car. Had a few 1/8 mile cars I ran at the local strip. One night at the track I was challenged by a couple of guys and their modified pinto. It had a header, an aftermarket intake and carb. They thought this thing was the greatest thing since cornflakes. I had a pretty good idea that I could hang with them because my Accord seemed to be pretty quick. So we lined up in the staging lane. I was asked to remove the beauty rings and center caps and I did. Everyone laughed at the front tires spinning in the box. Yellow, yellow, yellow, Green - :cool: - I won by a quarter of the track and never even saw the pinto. I don't remember the time or speed I ran its been so long ago. They claimed the pinto wasn't quite tuned right and wanted a rematch. I agreed and after about 8 guys tweeked that pinto we lined up again. I won by the same amount. After that I had a crowd around my car asking questions & wanting to know what I had done the car. What could I say but, "nothing its stock". This was the car that Honda first won me over with.

1977 Honda 125 dirt bike.
1984 Honda Civic 4 door Silver (used)
1992 Honda Accord EX Coupe Capachino (new)
1993 Honda Accord EX 4 door Black (new)
2001 Acura CL-S Red (new)
2001 Honda CR-V SE Gold (used)
2006 Honda Ridgeline RTL-NAV Green
2007 Acura RD-X (for the spouse - mabye!)
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Never had or even really looked at a Honda before. Mostly drove GM pickups or SUVs, but last had a Dodge Durango. Four years ago I met a girl who drove a 6 year old Accord LX (4 cyl./standard transmission) with 100,000 miles. What a quality and fun car to drive. I was impressed! So impressed she is now my wife ;) .

We upgraded to a loaded V6 Accord EX Coupe. Much faster, funner, and luxurious quality :D . Now I'm really impressed and on my way to becoming a Honda Fan.

Last January we had the Accord in for it's first service. I was looking around the showroom when a vulturous sales guy comes over to high presure sell me. I figure I'll mess with him and shut him down fast by asking to see a pickup truck. Care to guess what happened next? I never knew what hit me!

He obviously didn't have any yet, but he gave me one of the brochures that had just come in. I didn't buy my RL there because all he had coming in first were RTLs and I'm not crazy about leather. I ended up going to a different dealer who had an initial standing order for an RTS I wanted. I bought it sight-unseen before it arrived and it was the first Ridgeline they ever delivered on 3/12. The only problem mine has had is the leak. The dealer got me in quickly and was all over the problem. They gave me a loaner and replaced the whole carpet after the fix, without me asking, because they thought it smelled a little musty. Trouble free, dry, and like new since.

Next mower will be a Honda and my next boat will have a Honda 4-stroke outboard. I discovered the US Coast Guard uses Honda Outboards on thier rescue boats. This is a HUGE endorsment, that the US Government buys a "foreign" product for the Defense Department. Normally, unheard of!

Yea, I'm a Honda Fan now.
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Yikes! I conceede to BHRidgelineRTLSR! Who can top that list?

1968? CB350 (what was the dual sport model with the high pipes on the left side?)
1974 CB450 (sold it to a friend two years ago, would buy it back if I could. It still runs and looks like new.)
2000 Civic Si
2002 Accord V6
2002 Element (Daughter #2 drives it)
2006 Ridgeline RTL-Navi
200x Oddyssey - to be purchased next month (our oldest daughter just had her third child - which makes my wife a grandmother for the 4th time, because even though I am older I am too young to be a grandfather ;) )
I was never a Honda fan until recently. My wife pushed me in this direction. I used to own German cars. If I drove a car today, it still would be German.

My first Honda was a 1967 CT-90 that I got for free from a fellow Harley owner. He lost his garage space and wanted it to go to a good home. I have some nice easy dirt trails behind my house and I used to have a blast bombing through them. The rings were shot, so it left this awesome blue mosquito-killing smoke trail behind it. I finally had to get rid of it so I gave it to someone in town who was going to use it for a parts bike. If I would have stripped it and sold off the parts it would have netted a lot of cash, but one good turn deserves another.

Our second Honda was the 2003 Pilot, a first year model, replacing my wife's Ford Windstar. Once she test drove it, the decision was made. It's been flawless so far in 56K miles.

I am in the fourth month with my Ridgeline. It hasn't been flawless, but the problems have been minor. I'll get them all fixed when I go back to the dealer.

I also own a Honda powered pressure washer. My genset is powered by a Briggs Vanguard. Both are great engines.
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I'm a newbie. :rolleyes:

I never even considered a "fern" car until September of 2004 when I first laid eyes on the Ridgeline. I was an American and Daddy always said be proud of that so I gave into to 'Buy American" lock, stock and barrel. I'm still proud of that but I figure most of my Honda if not all was made here or just North of me across the pond, and my Dad is from Canada so why not. It helped that I worked for Honda other wise I am sure that interest would never have peaked.
Being a Service Manager then a Customer Relations Director for Honda/Dealership taught me the value and love people hold in their Hondas. Not to mention the countless Hondas that came through our Service Department for service that were from the early 80's and 200K plus miles on them and these people spent the money to fix them. That said everything to me.

So now...I still have my 2001 Sunfire in the driveway that has not moved since March 2, Todd drives his Ford Exploder faithfully, but I am a diehard

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Todd needs to go Pilot shopping. I'll try and convince him of that on Saturday. :)
1988 cr-x(the best), 279,000 miles and still going strong, 2001 cr-v, and a 2004 element which i traded back for the ridgeline(also the best)....and my mechanic only services honda & acura which gives me peace of mind....
shovelhd said:
Todd needs to go Pilot shopping. I'll try and convince him of that on Saturday. :)
Good luck. He's a devoted Ford man. :rolleyes:
Personally, I would be alright with being a 2 Ridgeline Family. :D
My first Honda was my Trail 70 minibike, in Junior High. Then a Honda Street 175 (forgot the model number). In 1983, traded in that piece of s*** Cavalier for a Honda Civic Wagon, you know the one that, at the time, looked like a shuttle from Star Trek. Everyone called it Tron. No options whatsoever, but I loved that car. Next it was a silver 1987 CRX-Si, which I traded in that piece of s*** Ford Taurus (hey, no one can ever say I didn't try to "buy American") Now that car was an absolute blast to drive. Wish I still had it! Then there was my 1997 Accord LX V-6, which I traded in piece of s***, Chrysler Cirrus LX V-6 (notice a pattern here???) Traded the Accord in on a Lexus RX-300 (disappointment, but definitely not a piece of s*** car). Which brings me to my Ridgeline RTL. What a piece of engineering!
Plus the Honda mower, the honda powered pressure sprayer, etc, etc.
Resistance is futile...
I also forgot to mention my rottweiler is named Mugen.
Started with 1985 Honda CRX --
traded in for 1988 Honda Accord Coupe --
traded in for 1992 Suzuki Sidekick (two door ragtop) -- traded in for much beloved 1994 Suzuki Sidekick (four door, same color as UglyTruckling) -- shared driveway with very buggy 2000 New Beetle --
both were replaced with wicked 2002 Acura MDX --
traded in for much beloved 2006 Ugly Truckling.
I still have my first Honda, it is our 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid, after that car I was really happy with Honda and when the Ridgeline showed up on my radar I was definitely looking toward it. I had already decided I needed to move to a truck after scratching up my Forester's roof because I was carrying 4x8 material on the rack and it slipped off the side when I was trying to take them down. Since this was my main utility activity it made sense to move to a vehicle I wasn't going to damage while using.

My uncle had a Honda back in the 80s, and then I was all against it. I am a big buy American person. But when it comes down to it, Honda employs a very large number of Americans, and while my individual vehicle may not have been built in the US, many of their vehicles are. There are very few vehicle manufacturers who are not global these days.
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