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It just dawned on me that as much as we've discussed how poor the RL sales figures are vs. other truck makes/models, I don't ever recall anyone breaking out a comparison of 4WD only for those other trucks. Or maybe I just missed it? I did a few quick Google searches & couldn't find anywhere that breaks out the 4WD from the 2WD sales figures.

Does anyone have those numbers? (either discrete 4WD sales figures for other trucks, or percentage of sales for 4WD that can be applied to the total sales figures).

I just thought it might be interesting to see what the total volume is for this specific (4WD) truck market. Would be nice to see ANY of them (e.g. F150), but I'd be interested in F150, Tundra, Taco, Colorado & Canyon. I'm guessing Frontier numbers would not be that great? And the question enters my head: Did they ever make a 4WD Ranger?? What % of sales were they vs. the 2WD version? (we're talking US Sales in all of these cases)

Anyone got this data???
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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