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How to -- Ambient Console Light Replacement

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Here's instructions by Myself and General on how to replace your ambient console LED.
Link to instrucable

Now for the new light... It's only slightly brighter and quite diffuse. It's not my any means distracting and General wanted to see what mine looked like prior to changing his. He thought it was perfect. I describe it this way, think about the full moon and the shine it provides if you are sitting in a parked car. This light is similar to that. You can read by it if need be but it's by no means bright. We don't much have a good way to photograph it but the beam pattern is pretty diffuse compared to both the stock LED and the ones we've seen used by other's who've done the complicated soldering replacement. I'll let General chime in on his opinion.

The LEDs used are the third item on this page:
Link to buy LED
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After driving 20 minutes at night with this mod, I have a few observations.

1. This is definitely brighter than the OEM Amber bulb with the dome-shaped bulb. It really illuminates things that the factory one didn't, like the "not and ashtray."

2. I really like it. It's not so bright that it's distracting. You can't really notice the factory LED. You can notice this one immediately. It also matches the blue from the compass in the mirror perfectly and gives awesome subtle reflections to the radio and heater controls, especially in my 08 with the 06-08 metallic knobs. (redisants 09 has the black rubber on the knobs so it's not as noticeable there)

3. If you have your home link set up, you will have to re-program it after this mod, since you disconnect it to complete the mod.

4. redisant really deserves credit here. He ordered the extra bulb for me, did the entire install for me, and wrote up the instructions. All i really did was drink a couple beers, eat his wife's cooking since my wife was out of town, and took some macro pics. :)
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Nice work gentlemen! I am seriously considering this mod. Thanks!
Great job! I will be doing this.;)
thanks for the tip. :)
Redisant do you think the blue led out of the other color leds is the way to go?
I chose blue simply because I feel it wouldn't be too obnoxious and still be useful. I'd consider doing a red one as well since it would not have an adverse affect on night vision.
Thanks for this mod... Just finished it.
Congrats! damn 10 characters
ordered mine this weekend- Blue;)
I'm blue...Did mine today....Thanks Redisant...Great thread:)
Thanks for the instructions. One time I rented a VW Golf that had a similar LED but red. I was very impressed with it over the amber, I think I'll switch to red.

Thanks again.
Can't get to your instructions...the first link bombs with Java errors (in the first post), the one to your website I can't find a link for the instructions.
Can't get to your instructions...the first link bombs with Java errors (in the first post), the one to your website I can't find a link for the instructions.
Both work fine here. have you tried updating your Java or using another browser? If you are getting java errors there might be an issue with the java on your computer be it out of date or some other issue.

Try FireFox if using IE, try IE if using FireFox. If on a Mac try something other than Safari. Good luck!
Good stuff - I knew I could find a good write up on this. My ambient console light died and now I can change the light to a black light! sweet !!
One thing to correct in my first post... I actually DIDN'T have to reprogram my homelink. It might be the model opener i have, or maybe it retains that info elsewhere in the vehicle. Your mileage may vary... :)
Can anyone tell me what the amber light is for which is next to what appears as a speaker? It's on the console next to the sunglasses holder. I looked thru the manual, but couldn't find it.

Searching for "ambient light"...
66jj, the light you mentioned is a small, ambient light meant to light up your console (cupholders, etc)....or, if you hold your hand under it, it lights up whatever you're holding. I've got an '03 Accord, and the light is standard equipment on even the older Hondas.

I was going to say it's a direct view to other planets, but I guess that comes under the "smart a** responses."

PS....Enjoy your Ridgeline, and ask any questions you want. Please forgive those of us who don't give you a clear and direct answer. Most of us on here like to have fun.
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