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You can 'fix' a 2009 and later Ridgeline to get back the Dual button that the earlier models had enabling automatic syncing of both sides of the climate control to the drivers position when desired. All it takes is finding a climate control module from a 2006-2008 model that came with automatic climate control (RTL and RTS). The swap works exactly as it should and no errors are shown on the OBDC bus after replacing the module.


The sensors and servos used are all the same, so there are no compatibility issues. You cannot do this to a vehicle that doesn't have automatic climate control already, due to lack of several sensors. Getting at the controller is not trivial, so you should have a factory service manual available for reference on how to take out the dash panel and controller. Note that if you turn the ignition switch to ON or ACC while the front dash controls are disconnected, several errors will be raised and stored in the ECU, so keep the car OFF while the various dash controls are disconnected.

The new style control knobs can be swapped if you want to keep the look. The plastic buttons are almost impossible to extract without breaking them, so find a controller that has buttons matching the existing plastic color of your controller. If you keep the new style knobs you will need to swap the knob center from the left side of the donor climate module into your existing knob assembly, as this center cap functions as a switch to select "Auto" mode and the late model knobs have a fixed plug in their center. Taking the knob assembly apart on the new model knobs requires some careful prying along the perimeter of the knob to get at the center so you can install the pushbutton style center.

Pulling and replacing the knobs can be a bit challenging to get right. The knobs fixed centers are keyed to the plastic shafts as well as the the outer ring having to be aligned to a matching ring at the base of the plastic shaft sticking out of the controller. Both need to be lined up for the knob to be snapped into place. It doesn't take much force when they are aligned and if you force them otherwise, you will break the knob or controller assembly.

There are many differing part numbers on the back of the controllers, which makes finding the correct used one challenging. The easiest way to identify a correct donor controller is to look for the "Auto" button in the center of the left knob, and making sure that the knob outer rings DO NOT have an orange mark on them. Automatic HVAC controls have knobs that spin freely, while the manual climate controllers have
knobs that come to a hard stop at their off / full positions, thus they are marked with an orange hash mark to show what their current position is.

Incorrect type

Correct type


Other than the difficulty with swapping knobs, it's just a plug in replacement. All the HVAC controllers use the same CPU, with only a software change. Unfortunately it is a custom part, so no data sheet or other information is available on it. Why Honda removed this useful feature is a mystery. The new style climate controls didn't get any new feature that would have mandated removal of the Dual button.
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