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2020 Ridgeline RTL-E Pacific Pewter
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Apologies if this was covered before, but I could not find it (even though there was some references to an external site which does not load for me) so I thought I'd post it here.

Here I have added a typical "cigarette lighter" style USB (1.125? in diameter) for my family's charging appetite in the rear seats. It's a relatively easy mod if you have done anything remotely similar. Gen2's should not have a monopoly on this ;)

I've tapped into the rear "accessory" 12V port. Note that when charging two usb devices at full pull, this results in about 2A of draw, which you'll need to deduct from the 10A budget (fused) of the accessory port, in case you will be using multiple things. Something to be aware of, but should be fine for 99% of use cases.

Besides the stuff to splice/solder/etc in the wiring, you'll need a trim tool or similar, and a T15 torx bit/driver to remove the a/c ductwork, and some way to make your holes neatly and cleanly. (I used a 1/4" bit for pilot holes, then step drill bit to get it cleanly to 1 1/8, and also to debur the front side opening afterwards.)

1. Remove the face plate with trim tool or similar working from top down. Should pop/pull away very easily after starting. Careful not to pull too far away as there are three wiring connectors to remove.
2. Disconnect the 3 wiring connectors (main harness for console light and accessory outlet, and then two others for A/C outlet, if equipped, and console box lamp.) Now the entire panel should be free and you can take this inside the garage/shop/etc to work on it without sweating up a storm outside ;)
3. Disconnect the connector to the accessory port, and twist and remove the lamp. Remove the three T15 torx screws in the mid-section of the ducts. (There are four on top, holding in the vent louvers but you do not need to remove these.) Now the duct section (with attached harness) should pull away from the face plate.
4. Now you can pinch the wire keepers on the other side to free the harness up.

5. From here you can mod however you want to in terms of wiring and placement/holes/etc, keeping in mind of duct and wiring harness clearances.
I also drilled a hole through the center plastic separator in the ducting (no issues there) in order to allow the usb outlet to protrude through, similar to the way the accessory outlet and lamp socket do.

And of course reassembly in reverse ;)

Will attach some pictures.
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