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My Air Force daughter was shopping for her first new vehicle.

Really liked my Ridge, but we were not impressed with the Gen2 AT ALL. Cloth seats were itchy, no RTLs in stock, and all the "neat" items in the cab of my 11 aren't there anymore. Needs a vehicle with plenty of storage for moving her basic issue and a few other things. We went to our local Honda dealership and she test drove an HRV, Ridge, Accord and Civic. She was REALLY impressed with the HRV. Interior and all the hidden "Easter eggs" reminds her of the interior of my ridge, without the "huge feeling" of driving a truck. They haven't gotten any 17s in yet. All they have is 16s. I keep hearing about the new engine size in the 17s. She is not an aggressive driver, or a speed demon - and is planning to go buy, with her dad, on Saturday.

Here is my question: For a first new car, will the 16 be an acceptable, reliable car for her needs? Are there any negatives that we need to be aware of?

Thank you in advance!
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