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Hydrogen Hybrid

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Got this website for a XP ENews letter that I get.

Cost looks High they are saying between $7000 & $10000 to do the conversion but if you can make your own fual at home and switch back to Petrol when needed.
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I'm excited to hear someone doing some serious work on this issue. I am concerned with the hydrogen embrittlement issue. This can be a real problem and a fix will not be easy. Perhaps ceramic coating of the piston tops and cylinder head would work. I don't know, it's way beyond my capabilities. Thanks for the URL. I've bookmarked the site and will keep an eye on it.
Those tanks are what the Ridgeline's trunk was made for!
Would love to send some counties and a few oil companies a message,

just got my pellet stove yesterday.

Next year solar hot water maybe.
Not sure how competent these guys are. Just today they discovered they have a hydrogen embrittlement problem and they have been testing this system for 8 years. I could have told them that on day one, students learn about this in the first year of metallurgy. Guess they never thought to consult the right people.
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