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Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup concept

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Well, for those of you who haven't heard or seen it yet, this is one of the surprising concepts Hyundai brought to Detroit:

It's Ridgeline-esque in a lot of ways, but it's much smaller in concept form. It appears to be about the same length and wheelbase as a Santa Fe Sport. It's obviously VERY concept as the bold and polarizing styling wouldn't make it to production, but the cues are striking. The front end is very masculine and strong. The profile is definitely very strange with a small passenger compartment. The bed is quite small, but check out the extending feature. It's definitely out-of-the-box just like the Gen 1 RL, but I think it'll take a few years for Hyundai to bring a production version. Really hoping they do a smaller one like this to fill the niche of those who loved 90's Rangers and T-100's and a larger one to compete with the true mid-size trucks. If they built a larger version based on the 7-passenger Santa Fe with comfortable 4-door space, a larger bed, the 3.3 liter or 3.8 liter engine (or that sweet little diesel they talk about in the article) tied to their 6-speed or 8-speed auto with AWD, I would have to think long and hard about a reason NOT to purchase one.
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If it got good gas mileage - same as the Santa Cruz Sport - I would buy it. I loved the Ridgeline but the MPG were not where it should have been - 24 city 32 hiway is minimum for me to get a gen II.
If they build this I'm sure it will sell. The new midsize pickups that GM has out are about the size of the full size pickups of some years ago. I would buy one. I love my Ridgeline but it is tight in the garage. The warden complains about the acrobatics she goes thru getting in and out. I wish that the RL was about 5 or 6 inches narrower. The new Colorado is about the same width as the RL so that eliminates GM. We will see what the width is on the new Taco. I suspect that the coming Ridgeline will be just as big as the old one. Fiat also has a new smaller pickup that they may bring over here. There does seem to be a pent up demand for a smaller pickup.
IIRC, there was a member who overlaid the silhouette profile of the "new" RL that Honda shows on their website with a current gen RL. They were nearly identical in length, but the new one was a few inches shorter in height. I would assume it would be as wide as well. There is no way to know if this image is going to be anything like the actual production model, but I'm sure it's pretty close. Nevertheless, if Hyundai brings that truck concept to market at the same time as Honda brings out the 2nd gen RL, I think there will be some healthy competition in the small to mid-size truck market in 2016-17. Hyundai is already advancing new drivetrains and pushing the limits with capability and fuel efficiency. I can only imagine what a utility truck with a small diesel with 300 lb/ft of torque and 35+mpg on the highway would do to the market.
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Cross between a concept A-Bat and Rampage only mini size.

Looks like their designers copied the A-Bat. Hyundai, say hello to 2009!
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How long have I been talking about smaller diesel in mid size trucks? how many times Have I said RL base model is too much for entry level?
I'll be Glad if hundai comes out with a compact/mid size truck thats affordable and gets good MPGs.
I wish Americans wouldn't be such thirsty size queens.
I wish Americans wouldn't be such thirsty size queens.
I WILL not revert to immature, tasteless comments... I WILL not revert to immature, tasteless comments.... I WILL not re.... Ah, hell... I quit.
That Hyundai thing seems to be generating a lot of buzz. I even saw where a few of my Facebook friends shared or commented on some news stories about it, which was surprising because my FB friends are not auto enthusiasts.
The extendo-bed is a sweet idea. Add that to a trunk and 4ft wide!
I'll go bigger before smaller right now, its just to small. I still have things to do. I still fill my RL box now and then. When I don't need a mid size truck but still want a box I'll think about it.
Watch Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept truck Revealed video.
It'd be nice if they cut down on the edgy styling, but the idea is nice. The extending bed is genius. I've never seen anything like that. Probably the biggest innovation since the RL's trunk.

Make it look a little more like a truck and I'll start looking for my wallet.
At about the 6:20 mark, the guy starts talking about past attempts at creating this sort of vehicle. Sort of an indirect dig at the Ridgeline and Baja. Then again, he's correct in many ways. If hyundai builds this and keeps all the really neat features, it could be a winner. As was said, the extending bed is genius.

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If they calm it down a little I'd take a look. With about 240 horses and 28-30 mpg it would be sweet.
First thing is first. I aint getting rid of my RL. For God's sake, its a Honda. With only 70K on it and only driving it 1500 miles a year, I'm keeping it forever. Now with that said...If this Hyundai has a turbo diesel, I'm getting one. I have another car for getting the family around. That damn diesel is a 300k motor. Triple rust proof the frame and panels and I've got a 15 to 20 year car. That makes it a good investment. And it looks cool. Hyundai is getting to be a pretty good vehicle. Honda and Toyota better be paying attention or they will take their place. Ever see the Genesis? The only thing keeping the BMW and Audi buyers away is the Hyundai emblem. Soon that stigma will fall away as they continue to prove their worth. That Santcruz is cool. I can see my german shepherd in the front with his head out the window now.
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The front end is way too short. Does the engine sit under the dash?
........... Ever see the Genesis? The only thing keeping the BMW and Audi buyers away is the Hyundai emblem. Soon that stigma will fall away as they continue to prove their worth. .............
That's so funny. That is an ugly-ass H for their logo. BUT, did you know... you can get an alternate hood or trunk emblem direct from the dealer when you buy a new Hundai? They started using the alternate badge as an accessory item a few years ago. They've got more than one.... there are a couple of funky "L" looking designs that look a WHOLE lot better than their twisted H. And the Genesis actually has it's own flying wing badge. They really do need to retire the sour H.
Dnick, that is very interesting. My brother has an Audi A6. Its a 70K car and really cool. But can they really out perform a 345 hp Genesis to the point to justify a double price jump? Now, there is more than just horse power in play here. There is the quality of the materials, crash control and ride quality and all those flashy electronics. But, I'm more old school anyway. Dont need all the fancy stuff. I want a slick, big and powerful luxury car. My Cadi DHS was neat but now I'm looking at a used Mercedes 550. Its 7 years old, 60k miles, looks factory new, black paint, dark windows and screams Darth Vaders car. Basically a $115,000 car for $12. This is the way to go. The depreciation is so great on these cars, buy a used one and youll enjoy it just like a new one.
Eh.. Looks like a modern day Subaru BRAT with waaaaaaay less rear seat headroom.
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