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In my opinion, a new, modern head unit is the way to go. I tried one of the bluetooth add-on units for hands-free phone function, but it was buggy and didn't last too long. There are lots of good quality after market head units that aren't expensive and have solid bluetooth phone connectivity. If you want to go further, like I did, you can get an Apple Carplay enabled touchscreen unit and also see your phone's maps and some other apps on the screen. But those are more pricy. I know both Pioneer and Kenwood have them, and maybe Alpine, too. Maybe prices are coming down, too?

I have had years of good service out of a simple aux input add on (like this one: that connects to back of the radio and has a female jack that I installed in one of the blank buttons on the center console. I used this initially for an aftermarket xm reciever / ipod connect and now I have it combined with a bluetooth auxillary input adapter. Here are two on Amazon:

With this type setup you get both Bluetooth hands free (you do need to tap the button/microphone) phone call / voice commands and bluetooth music streaming from the phone, which can stay in your pocket. Combined cost is <$100

Sound quality it good and you can easily replace the exposed adapter units as bluetooth / phones evolve while keeping the basic aux input stuff that is installed behind the dash. I have upgraded the crappy stock speakers too. . .

IMHO aftermarket headunits look out of place (actually I would say they look like crap) in the Ridgeline.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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