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I think I got a pretty good deal...

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Short-time lurker here on this board. I bought a Ridgeline yesterday!

Green RTS - $25944
Bed Extender and four mud guards (installed) $354
License, title & registration $218
(no sales tax in Oregon)

Price out the door: $26,516

I walked the local dealers and picked the highest VIN I could find to avoid some of the early production problems (I got 43xxx, built towards the end of September). It just happened that the highest VIN was also the only Green RTS I found, which is exactly the color and model I wanted.

I almost bought a Tundra instead of the RL because I didn't like the looks of the RL, but it's growing on me fast. I'm really loving this truck!
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Congrats on the purchase and welcome to the ROC.
Congratulations and welcome to the ROC family Ron.
We're glad you're here. Enjoy the ride and come back often.
(Just try and stay away) ;)
Ron said:
Price out the door: $26,516
I'm really loving this truck!
You got a GREAT deal! And you'll enjoy it more each time you drive it!
Thats respectable Ron, and welcome :)

What part of the country you buying that in? Im hoping to do about the same in a few weeks myself (Boston area).
I got this deal in Oregon, in the Portland area. You can see similar deals in the bay area of California by going to (defaults to SF Bay Area), and searching the "for sale" area for "Ridgeline". Several dealers have posts there, with the RTS for just under $26K.
Excellent. Welcome and have fun here and in your great new truck.
Welcome to the ROC and congrats on your new truck!
Ron said:
Bed Extender and four mud guards (installed) $354

Four mud guards? I thought the front had mud guards standard? Are these different that the mud guards on the truck already? I bought just two mud guards (online) for the rear :confused:

Congrats on your new RL!! Enjoy the ride and you will love the look of your truck more and more!!
I didn't know that the front were standard. The invoice just said "Mud guards." If the front guards were already there, then I bought the two rear for $54.
Hey Ron,
You did great! around 1200.00 less than we paid. Drive it in good health! and welcome to the only real RL club!

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