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I have been researching ways I can get Bluetooth in my 2013 RL. I don't need it for music just the occasional work conference call, therefore didn't want to spend alot of money on the solution. Found the Himbox HB01 on Amazon, it had some good reviews (and some bad ones) but for around $40 I decided to give it a shot.

Since the aux input in the RL is on the passenger side, I decided to order the HB01 +, the + model has longer cords, has a clip attachment and 2 usb ports instead of 1.

Here are some of the features listed in the owners manual:

- High quality audio brings premium music experience.
- Allows you to talk hands-free on your Bluetooth-enabled phone
- Echo and noise canceling technology
- Built-in microphone and easy to use music controls
- Capable of charging other devices through USB output port
- Capable of connecting witth 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously

So here's what you get:


You plug into your Aux port:


And into your power outlet:


I tucked the wires under my dashmat and put the microphone on the dash in front of the steering wheel with the clip that comes with the kit. I hate wires hanging around so I will only have this plugged in when I know I am going to use it:


Turned the ignition on and then turned on my Blackberry (yes I am way behind the times when it comes to cell phones). The 2 devices found each other.

I set the radio to aux and made a call, the call came through my speakers and I was able to hear the person loud and clear and the person on the other end could hear me loud and clear. I then switched the radio back to XM and had the person call me, I was hoping it would automatically switch the radio to aux but it didn't so maybe it doesn't do this or maybe it's user error on my end. There was a humming sound coming out of the speakers when the phone call ended but it goes away when you put the radio back on.

Still have some testing to do with it but so far I think this will meet my needs. :act024:

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Seems to be a affordable basic solution for bluetooth. It will only work when the radio is in aux mode. So unfortunately as you found out you will have to switch to aux before answering or calling.

I did a double take at the mentioning of blackberry though.

Thanks for sharing! Keep us updated on how it does over time.
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